Garlic & Herbs

Garlic and herbs are some of the basic ingredients to make Peposo.

Il Peposo is a dish typical of Impruneta, a village in the hills around Florence, famous for the production of terracotta pots and tiles.

Legend has it that Filippo Brunelleschi came across this dish while he was directing the work on the dome of Sanata Maria del Fiore, Florence’s famous cathedral. 

Although the exact methodology used by Brunelleschi to erect the cupola remains a mystery, we are certain that only the best materials were used, such as the Carrara marble and the Terracotta tiles from Impruneta.

With no time to lose and with so many tiles to fire up, labourers at Impruneta’s furnace worked morning to night. Those in charge of preparing lunch had only a few coins to buy ingredients, so they decided to cook secondary meat cuts that were chopped into chunks and cooked with pepper corns in terracotta pots. The meat cooked near the big oven, but slowly, until tender. They say that it was Brunelleschi himself, impressed by the taste of this stew, who suggested adding Chianti to the dish to make it even better.

The long cooking of the meat, immersed in the wine with the herbs and garlic, creates a tasty dish, to be served even in parties or on important occasions.


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