Giovanna’s Supper Club

Last summer, I started Giovanna’s Supper Club in the beautiful Cats Abbey, near Burford.  The twenty guests (aged between 20 and 70) are received with an Italian aperitif and canapés; then a four-course dinner is served on a beautiful long table decorated with candles, flowers and berries. The seating is carefully planned. The fixed menu is composed of primo piatto, secondo piatto, formaggi e dolce – first course, second course, cheese and dessert. A vegetarian option is available and the recipes can be modified in advance to cater for special dietary requirements. The menu changes with the seasons and the festivals.


Giovanna’s Supper Club is an elegant and stylish occasion for people to meet and taste delicious authentic Italian food. People come alone looking to meet new acquaintances, or with a group of friends to catch up, or even to celebrate some special occasion. 

Giovanna’s Supper Club happens once at month, pre-booking and pre-payment are essential please call to inquire.

“When Giovanna del Perugia invited us to share a home-style Italian Christmas feast, there was no chance we were going to miss out! There’s a reason why, for centuries, Italian cuisine has enslaved tastebuds around the globe. Because it’s mighty fine, that’s why. From the wonder of a perfect pizza and silky smooth pasta, to […]

Buon Natale, by Emma Dance for Crumbs magazine