A lovely review

“I’ve experienced several of these enchanted country evenings in the Cotswolds of England. As I arrive, the inviting warmth of the beautifully renovated barn at Cat’s Abbey beckons me in. Coming closer, I see within the large windows ahead, a beautiful long wooden table gloriously set with simple yet festive elegance. There is an air of relaxed celebration here. I enter and a glass of prosecco finds its way to my hand. And then a tray with an irresistible morsel of Giovanna’s sumptuous creation arrives for me to sample. What pleasant company is here. New friends and old friends to meet and greet. We’re all so happy to be here and to share with each other. Time disappears. Soon, we’re invited to the table to sit and enjoy a wonderful meal of Giovanna’s home-style Italian cooking. Some of it was grown in her own garden. She’s infused her food with magic again. I can’t explain it except that there’s real love in that food. Several courses come and go, the time passes without time, and I can’t imagine a lovelier way to spend an evening than at Giovanna’s Supper Club.”  (J. Kahn)

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